The Gómez Aparicio Group, through its wide range of graphic solutions, offers the best options of offset and digital printing with a complete flexibility of finishes. It offers accurate information about its processes and the solutions that clients have hired, which will allow for your company to make the best financial decisions and strategies.


Design and Layout

  • We work alongside a great professional team and we add a close collaboration with the client to clearly understand the objective of being able to offer designs that surpass all expectations.
  • We produce any type of design publication and editorial layout for books, catalogues, and magazines.
  • And we offer reduced costs thanks to our group synergy.

Development + Implementation

  • We apply a cost reduction analysis in the editorial operations thanks to our wide range of services.
  • We develop software solutions to respond to the workflow needs of our clients.

Digital Printing


  • Liber Digital, with inkjet technology, allows us to adapt to an unstoppable reality by taking advantage of the new business opportunities that low-demand production offers (short run).
  • Currently we have two full-color ROTATIVA CANON inkjet printing machines that are highly flexible and versatile for an efficient production of the editorial and commercial applications. They are setup in-line with two KERN cutters:
  1. Printing Equipment Océ CANON Color Stream 3500 + Kern Cutter
  2. Printing Equipment Océ CANON Color Stream 3800 + Kern Cutter
  • Our competitive advantage improves thanks to our arrangement in parallel of the two digital printing presses setup in-line with the cutter to offer:
  1. Guaranteed production.
  2. We have increased the capacity of long runs in the digital production environment.
  3. We have improved delivery times through the management and planning of both machines.


  • Liber Digital has four KONIKA Toner machines for the most demanding production quality.

Offset Printing

  • Maximum versatility for all printing jobs with exceptional quality and costs thanks to the most advanced machines available.
  • At Gómez Aparicio Group we have the latest-generation Quick KBA machines with formats from 70x100, 100x140 and 120x160 with 4 and 5 printing bodies in each machine. To be able to take on color jobs we use bicolor in one pass using the turnaround and black system. This allows us great flexibility for the design of the production by optimizing the assembly to the maximum so we can offer the client the best possible cost.

Customization and Low-demand Printing

  • Thanks to the digital printing technology being linked to our customization software, we can offer completely personalized productions, both inside the book/magazine and on the cover.
  • Personalized advertising.
  • Customization of sale displays in 48 hours with service levels measured on 98 % of orders.


  • After more than 60 years dedicated to the binding of books and magazines, we have acquired a key principle: a well-done binding is the true presentation of a book.
  • The Gómez Aparicio Group has all finishes in one single facility, offering its clients the most efficient production thanks to the latest technologies in the field of binding.
  • Thanks to all the years of experience and the dimension of the capacity of intermediate processes (folding, lifting, stitching…) we are able to correctly manage a very critical factor of binding, the bottlenecks, so we can offer an effective and serious service. Currently we have 8 stitching machines and 7 folding machines of different formats.
  • By specializing in the quality of the finishes, our philosophy oriented to client service has made us one of the most versatile companies in the sector in offering in one single facility all of the different types of binding available within the graphic arts sector.
  • Handling: At the Gómez Aparicio Group we have a wide range of additional equipment to transform handling processes into a fast and efficient service. Unitary shrinking, die design, shirts – sashes, CD pasting, inserts, trimester lifting and collections, manufacturing of labels and bar codes.

Hard cover

  • Rounded tips
  • Dutch
  • Visible cardboard
  • Etc
  • Rounded tips
  • With flaps
  • Etc.

Soft cover

  • Rounded tips
  • Visible spine
  • With end sheets
  • Flap
  • Etc.

Spiral / Wire-o


Special Binding

The client tells us what they want and we make it a reality. (Singer stitching, Visible spine, Flaps with shapes, Folding…). We study all of our clients´ ideas/projects to make them come to life.

Outsourcing Warehouses

  • Cost reduction in storage projects thanks to the elimination of processes that did not add value to the production chain.
  • Integration of the production with the warehouse by segmenting the editorial depth with rotation levels to better define the logistic strategy to implement.

Distribution and Picking

  • Picking area for the management of a consolidated distribution and delivery.
  • Software (EASYMWMS) for the management of the storage, picking and distribution.
  • Direct communication with the client.
  • Agreements with distributors to commercialize the editorial depth.
  • Direct deliveries to clients.


  • You can print the quantity you need in the country you want by saving in logistics and storage costs.
  • Currently we have partners in Spanish-speaking countries that meet a rigorous screening of trust through a printing net of digital printing endorsed by CANON.
  • Thanks to globalization and a net of companies subscribed to the PrintingAnyWhere Project, the international distribution could widen business lines to satisfy orders from other countries within 72 hours without storage or logistic costs.