Quality and Environment

How can we measure our COMMITMENT with quality and the environment?

There is only one way… with FACTS.

Our commitment with the environment is a fundamental pillar of our management.

The Gómez Aparicio Group is committed with business evolution by focusing on the efficiency and sustainability. In the 21st Century we understand that a company must improve every day and its operations must be as sustainable as possible. For this reason, we have a continuous improvement department with the objective of analyzing the processes to be able to carry out quantifiable improvement projects and search for new technologies and materials.

These are some of the advantages we offer

We are always looking for the best alternative to contribute to the circular economy:

Completely biodegradable vegetable oil-based inks.

All of our raw materials derived from paper or cardboard have the FSCTM and PEFC seal to ensure they come from sustainable forests where the population of trees grows every year.

We promote the use of special ecological paper to contribute to the circular economy.