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We are a company that has been working with binding since 1958. Over 60 years of experience endorse our good work and commitment within the graphic sector. Our commitment with quality and our versatility translate into a complete workshop that responds to all types of applications in the binding field.

We have machines in continuous renovation to continue offering the best quality binding and the latest developments in finishing processes.


Hard cover

  • Machine to introduce covers DIAMANT MÜLLER MARTINI with nod system/ registration tape / double-production saw in line with covering machine ACORO A7 MÜLLER MARTINI with end sheet and sticker system for the application of reinforcement of the spine.
  • Machine to make square and rounded spine covers KOLBUS DA 270.
  • Machine to make flexible covers PETRATTO– flexibook.
  • Machine to make rounded corners in flexible and hard covers SCS – CORNER MASTER.
  • Machine to make stamping KOLBUS PE 70– Volante.

Soft cover

  • Machine to make softcovers MÜLLER MARTINI ALEGRO and three-knife trimmer ORBIT in line with lifter with PUR and Hotmelt system to mill with the introduction of end sheets or stickers. Folding of flaps in line and front trimming with SCS EASYFLY.
  • Machine to make softcovers ACORO A7 MÜLLER MARTINI and three-knife trimmer MERIT.



Spiral – Wire-o

  • High-production perforation machine – RILECART FAR - 5/120MK
  • 5 machines to introduce spiral
  • 2 machines to introduce wire-o

Block preparation

  • 6 MBO folding machines that cover all paper formats, from large format (120x160) to the most commonly used ones, being able to offer all folding options.
  • 6 Müller Martini stitching machines + 1 ASTER system with MULTIPLEX lifting with 2 in line stitching machines.
  • 3 lifting machines (one of them with 30 lifting stations to streamline to the maximum books with many pages).
  • 3 flat POLAR trimmers with variable width cuts.


  • Half-pipe shrinking machine VULMA (SLAU 50 x 50)
  • Drilling machine – HANG (Possibility of making 2 – 4)
  • 2 plastic banding machines (plastic packages).

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