About Us


Gómez Aparicio is a comprehensive graphic arts service company on the cutting edge of its field that uses the latest technologies in digital and offset printing.

It offers a wide range of products in the field of finishing, from hard covers in all its variants, to more simple bindings, like paperback, with staples, spiral, and wire-o. It is specialized in the production of books, magazines and catalogues, and it offers comprehensive graphic solutions to optimize its value proposal in simple and customized ways.

We guide the client throughout the whole project, from the design and layout until its storage, distribution and delivery.

The best way to predict the future is to build it


Gómez Aparicio was founded in the late 50´s with the objective of covering a growing demand in the book sector. It began its activity with binding. In the 90´s it became one of the most important binding companies in Spain and the biggest producer in Europe of books using binding in Bible paper offering hard cover and paperback finishes. Thanks to its many years of experience in finishing processes and to the growth of the company, it has taken on new challenges by incorporating other design processes, like preprinting and offset printing in black and white and in four colors. It has transformed itself into a pioneer company in offering comprehensive services in the graphic arts field. Following the innovative tradition of the GROUP, in 2014 it adds the latest technologies of inkjet digital printing with the clear objective of offering a service to cover all clients´ needs and thus becoming the first graphic arts group in producing books with offset and digital technologies in the same facility. In the past few years it has been adding innovative technologies and processes, both at a machine level and with software, so it can offer its clients a 360º service based in excellence by creating a value chain and offering services like layout, storage, picking, distribution and on-demand orders.



The Gómez Aparicio Group provides comprehensive graphic services optimizing its value proposal to its clients based on simple and customized solutions; it is endorsed by more than half a century of experience and an excellent human team, both at a national and at an international level.


It aims to become the leader in the graphic arts sector with the use of the latest technologies and infrastructures, so it can be on the frontline of the changes happening in our society. Also, it wants to be able to offer its services along the whole chain of book making and to focus on growth, quality and innovation.


Ethical values are the compass that guides the Gómez Aparicio Group

The strength of our spirit signifies the loyalty to our principles.

The way we manage our business promotes trust with our partners while taking advantage of the benefits it generates.

To understand that we must follow all the rules that concern all of us, aside from contributing in the growth and harmony of our surrounding and with the people we interact with.

The successful application of the ideas within our organization; an idea is truly innovative if it is introduced in the market and it is able to survive.

Companies must consider employees as the most valuable resource within the organization. Personal development helps workers to identify with the development of the company. Gómez Aparicio offers its employees a transparent and participative style of management, and it demands in exchange commitment, initiative and responsibility when carrying out their tasks.